• Impetus

    GMT-Alarm 42mm-46mm
    Time Open or Skeleton 44mm
    Time-Date 46mm
    Time-Date 40mm

    The collection IMPETUS for gents includes stylised timepieces such as GMT-Alarm, Automatic Time Open or Skeleton and Quartz Time-Date. On the other hand, the line for ladies promises to sublimate the femininity specific to each of them.

  • Classico

    Gents 41mm-43mm-44mm
    & Ladies 29mm-33mm

    The CLASSICO timepieces can be considered as the unique combination of purist design and vintage elegance, the revival of tradition alongside enduring style. They represent those whose motto is “chic and simple”, who love all time classic appearances.

  • Genesis

    Gents 44mm & Ladies 36mm

    Designed in a very masculine style, the GENESIS collection for gents fulfils the desire for luxury and dynamism. As for the ladies timepieces, they embody a stylish concept which magnetizes the eyes, making them an “object of desire” for every woman.

  • Slim

    Gents 43mm

    Characterised by their slenderness, the height of sophistication, the SLIM models perfectly combine classical elegance, refined aesthetics and unrivalled beauty. Irresistible and comfortable timepieces, they perfectly suit the man who is seeking a sleek dress watch but also one which is different and subtle.

  • Chroma


    Remarkably popular, a favourite of both ladies and gents, the CHROMA collection proves precisely what its name suggests: the desire for the inclusion of colour in our lives and a mood of playfulness. The specialty of this style connects aspects of our character with our choices.

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  • A proud history continues

    Founded in 1902 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the Swiss watch brand VENUS came back under the spotlight in 2011.
    Through unique creativity and the fusion of the Swiss know-how with the state-of-the-art technology, VENUS combines the traditional strengths of the brand, a label of excellence and refinement, along with truly innovative watchmaking.

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  • Boutique Geneva

    Let’s synchronize VENUS watches with your visit to Geneva! We look forward to welcoming you.

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